Masoud mahini , Iranian Cartoonist And Graphic Designer

Masoud Was born in 1982 ,  in Bushehr, Iran ,He studied Graphic Design in the Faculty of Fine Arts at Eram University Shiraz. He is now teaching Art with Eighteen years of professional experience in the Visual Arts

he had Visual Communication (Graphic Design) from Eram University, Shiraz

Starting my art career from 1380 (2001) with students’ publications – local weeklies in Bushehr Province , Etemad Newspaper ,monthly humor and caricature magazines, Keyhan Caricature monthly magazine ,Isfahan Emrooz Newspaper, Isfahan Nimrooz monthly satirical magazine and caricature, Danoosh cultural and art magazine,  Hamshahri Newspaper, Arman Newspaper, Khorasan Newspaper,  Khatshe Weekly, Ghanoon Newspaper .


Winning the third rank in Persian Gulf Regional Press Festival

Winning the first rank in the experimental publications – Iran

Winning the top award for the best poster and brochure from the 23rd Fajr Provincial Theater Festival- Bushehr

Winning the first rank in the 3rd Graphic Festival in cartoon section- Bushehr

Attending the first, second and third exhibition of Fajr International Visual Art Festival – Iran

Attending the exhibition of Satira International Cartoon Festival- Italy 2009

Attending the exhibition of Paragu Acho International Cartoon Festival – Brazil 2010

Winning the special award of Rahe Abrisham (Silk Road) International Cartoon Festival – China 2014

Receiving honorary diploma from Teapot cartoons International Cartoon Festival- Turkey 2013

Selected by Ilan International Cartoon and Illustration Festival- Iran

Winning an award for a poster and a brochure from the 5th Tehran City Theater Festival – Tehran 2016

Receiving a certificate of appreciation from the International Graphic Symposium Festival- Shiraz 2018

Judging the tenth Chelegi Iran Cartoon and Caricature- Khorassan Shomali 2019

Holding 14 solo art exhibitions about cartoons and many group exhibitions about cartoon and illustration in Isfahan, Tehran and Bushehr

Judging the Culture and Art Festival at schools in Bushehr 2019

Praised teacher in the 4th and 5th Kharazmi Festival; focused on handmade objects in 2017-2018

Selected by Katon Virtual Festival and Covid 19 in Africa – Kenya 2020

Publishing an essay in the 4th International Language, Literature, History and Civilization Conference in Georgia 2020

Presenting and publishing an essay in the 5th International Research on Humanities in Kasem Bundit University of Bangkok, Thailand 2020

Selected by “We Beat Corona” International Cartoon Festival- Iran 2020

Selected by the 3rd International art exhibition of Cartoon Festival – cartoon magazine- corona virus- Iran 2020

Selected by 16th , 17th and 18th  “Image of The Year ” TASSVIR Film Festival ,Iran 2019, 2020, 2021

Authorship of three books about caricature and cartoon

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